About Americas Mailbox Mail Forwarding and Home Base Services

From our prime location in South Dakota, we can take care of all your needs wherever you are in the world. In fact, South Dakota is the best state for Nomads to have an address.
Our company is owned by fulltime RVers and was built with other long-term travelers in mind, including – Traveling Nurses and Doctors, Truck Drivers, Military, and world travelers.

In addition to mail forwarding and home base services, we also have full-service campsites and guest room lodging, vehicle insurance agents, and vehicle registration services.

Benefits of Using Americas Mailbox

Located in the Rapid City area of Pennington County, South Dakota, we have:

  • The lowest Wheel Tax in the state (as of 1-1-2021)
  • NO State Income Tax
  • Sales tax on purchase of vehicles at only 4%
  • NO yearly tax, such as property tax
  • NO Vehicle Safety or Smog Inspections

We have licensed vehicle insurance agents on site to help you with all your insurance needs. Many factors affect the South Dakota rate you will pay, including full-timer vs. part-timer coverage, "no-fault" insurance your previous state might have had, and what each company considers your "garaging" address. Our insurance agents will help you maneuver the confusing insurance waters, as much as they are able.

We let our customers know immediately upon receipt of certified or registered mail.

If you are looking for a specific piece of mail, we'll check for it at the end of the day, when all the mail has been put away.

We have a campground and guest rooms for you to use for the purpose of acquiring your Real ID driver’s license. Federal Law for real IDs requires that you as a traveler MUST spend one night in a hotel, motel, or campground, in order to get a driver’s license. (Click here for details.)

Mail Forwarding

Our members can set up their own Mail Forwarding schedule on our website, where shipments can be set up to go out the next day or on a recurring schedule.

When the mail is sent out, customers receive an email to let them know their mail has been shipped. If a customer has a scheduled shipment and there is no other mail to ship out, we send a postcard, so our members never have to wonder if the mail went out or got lost.

If you set up a schedule using our online scheduling website and you press the Submit button before midnight mountain time, we'll be able to get your mail out the same morning, Monday through Friday!

There are some restrictions and limitations that apply. If the post office makes a mistake or redirects your mail, or if the highway is shut down and the mail can't get shipped out, we cannot be held liable. Keep in mind, we have no control over your mail once it leaves our facility.

Added Benefits

Many of our members recommend Americas Mailbox, Inc. to their friends. As a way of saying “Thank You,” when the people they refer sign up, we’ll give the referring member either a $25 restaurant gift certificate or a month of FREE membership added to the length of their agreement!! Just let us know their name and box number… we’ll take care of the rest!

Also, as a way of saying Thank You for becoming a member, all annual members will receive a McDonald’s gift card, upon request, the first time visiting us here at the office in South Dakota.

Check out our rates and plans, then let us show you how you can start saving money on your home base services today.