• Receive up to 7 pieces of mail per year
  • Use for vehicle registration / home base
  • Limited or no address changes
  • $169.99/yr + Tax

  • $100 - $150 suggested postage fund
  • Yearly & Monthly Plan Available
  • One Lifetime start-up fee per account.
  • $25.00

Bronze Plan

The Bronze Plan includes all these benefits:

  • We’ll ship your mail AND Meds where you want, anywhere in the world, by US Postal Service or FedEx.
  • Looking for something important? We’re the only company of this type letting YOU know right away (the very same day) when you receive Certified or Registered mail.
  • Looking for something important? Just e-mail us and we’ll check for you at the end of the day when all the mail has been put up
  • We’ll also ship your mail anywhere, however and as often as you wish!
  • We don’t only receive your mail, we’ll also accept packages from USPS, UPS or FedEx.
  • You have complete control over the schedule of your shipments.
  • Access your account online 24/7/365 with your personal login. Don’t have Internet access? That’s okay, we have real people answering the phones during business hours.
  • We email you when your mail is sent. If it’s sent Priority Mail, we obtain a Delivery Confirmation from the USPS (at no additional charge) and send an email so you know when to pick it up.
  • We’ll register and renew your vehicle. Follow this link to see the costs involved.
  • Your Americas-Mailbox address gives you legal residence in South Dakota should you want it.
  • You get one additional month of membership free for every new Americas-Mailbox member you refer, or a $25 restaurant gift certificate good at about 20,000 restaurants around the country.
  • Let us know when you’ll be in the Rapid City area and make a reservation at our own campground or guest rooms.