• All mail received is forwarded (incl all Junk Mail)
  • Only occasional packages or special handling
  • 24/7/365 secure encrypted online account access
  • $189.99/yr + Tax

  • $100 - $150 suggested postage fund
  • Yearly & Monthly Plan Available
  • One Lifetime start-up fee per account.
  • $25.00

Silver Plan

The Silver Plan includes all these benefits:

  • We’ll ship your mail AND Meds where you want, anywhere in the world, by US Postal Service or FedEx.
  • Looking for something important? We’re the only company of this type letting YOU know right away (the very same day) when you receive Certified or Registered mail.
  • Looking for something important? Just e-mail us and we’ll check for you at the end of the day when all the mail has been put up.
  • We’ll also ship your mail anywhere, however, and as often as you wish!
  • We don’t only receive your mail, we’ll also accept packages from USPS, UPS or FedEx.
  • You have complete control over the schedule of your shipments. Need your mail sent to Maine every second Friday but a one-time FedEx to Florida on Tuesday? No problem.
  • Access your account online 24/7/365 with your personal login. Don’t have Internet access? That’s okay, we have real people answering the phones during business hours.
  • If a mistake is made by our staff when sending your package of mail anywhere in the 48 states, we’ll reimburse the USPS postage it cost to get it to you. Nobody else that we know of does this! (Some common-sense restrictions apply.)
  • We email you when your mail is sent. If it’s sent Priority Mail, we’ll even obtain a Delivery Confirmation from the USPS (at no additional charge) and send an email so you know when to pick it up.
  • On annual plans, we’ll register and renew your vehicle. Follow this link to see the costs involved.
  • Your Americas-Mailbox address gives you legal residence in South Dakota should you want it.
  • You get one additional month of membership free for every new Americas-Mailbox member you refer, or a $25 restaurant gift certificate good at about 20,000 restaurants around the country.
  • Let us know when you’ll be in the Rapid City area and make a reservation at our own campground or guest rooms.