South Dakota Residency

There are many benefits to establishing South Dakota residency. Full-time RVers, expats living abroad, military personnel shipping overseas and those seeking tax savings might want a South Dakota address to start taking advantage of financial perks. You’ll avoid state income and other taxes, save on vehicle insurance and more.

A mail forwarding service is a quick and simple way to get permanent address in The Mount Rushmore State and establish residency.

When you have South Dakota residency, you’ll enjoy:

  • No intangible tax on investments
  • No pension tax
  • No personal property tax
  • No state income tax
  • No state tax on Social Security income
  • Only 4% net tax on vehicles and RVs
  • Affordable vehicle insurance rates
  • Low vehicle license fees
  • No vehicle inspections
  • No State inheritance tax

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why South Dakota residency might be a smart choice for you.

What Are the Benefits of South Dakota Residency?

South Dakota residency might be a sound financial choice for you. Not only can you avoid state income and save on other taxes each year, you’ll find other benefits when the taxman comes. This makes sense if you’re overseas or on the road. There are many reasons why you might need a permanent United States address; why not opt in to a place where you’ll save money?

Start enjoying the benefits of South Dakota residency today. Get a driver’s license, register to vote and even open an account with a South Dakota bank with our services. You’ll find that our efficient processes are hassle-free, which means you’ll enjoy travel or life abroad without worrying about your mail. Start saving money today.

How Do I Establish South Dakota Residency?

When you use a mail forwarding service to establish residency, you’ll officially be domiciled in South Dakota.  You can establish South Dakota residency in these easy steps:

Get a mailing address from Americas Mailbox

Spend at least one night in South Dakota

Get a South Dakota driver’s license

Other things you can do to establish South Dakota residency are register your vehicles and register to vote in the state.

We can walk you through the process of establishing South Dakota residency. From completing a Residency Affidavit and getting a permanent address, we’ll make it easy. Become a resident of The Mount Rushmore State and take advantage of the benefits.

How do I establish South Dakota residency?

Getting a South Dakota mailing address is easy. All you’ll need to do is reach out to Americas Mailbox. We’ll set up your own Personal Mail Box so you can move forward with the other steps in obtaining residency. Americas Mailbox offers 5 tiers of mail forwarding service options. From traditional mail forwarding to enhanced online services to let you preview your mail, we have something to suit your needs. Establish South Dakota residency today with us as an ally.

How Do I Meet the One Night Stay Requirement?

You need to spend at least one night in South Dakota to become an official resident. No matter whether you spend that night in a campground in your RV or in a posh hotel before you ship overseas, we promise you’ll enjoy your time in South Dakota.

You’ll need to document your overnight stay in South Dakota to obtain residency. Your accommodations will be able to provide you with a receipt stating your name and your new PMB address. This is necessary for obtaining a SD driver’s license.