Thank you for choosing Americas Mailbox Mail Forwarding and Home Base Services! We're very close to opening your account and taking care of your mail forwarding needs. All that's left is some paperwork. Scroll down this page to find the links you need.

Please note:

You MUST have an account with us BEFORE having any mail sent to us, or else we are REQUIRED by the post office to mark it "Return to Sender" and send it back. If you want to register your vehicle, it is often a good idea to open your account BEFORE registering--or even before buying--to take advantage of South Dakota's low taxes. Dealers in a few states may have requirements as to how long you must be a resident of another state before you can avoid paying sales tax on a purchase; check with your current state's dealers to make sure you meet their requirements.

We need several forms from you to open your account. Please don't hesitate to call us if you need help filling any of these in. You MUST download the complete application kit here, which includes all the forms you need plus instructions. If you have any problems at all downloading the Application Kit, please give us a call at 605-593-4496 or email us at and we'll get one out to you quickly.

       or - download only the parts you need as additional copies:

  •  US Postal Service Form 1583 with written instructions - This is what gives us permission to accept your mail. This is NOT what tells the US Postal Service to forward your mail to us--you have to do that at your local post office.
  •  Mail Service Agreement - This is the 3-page document with which you pay and join Americas Mailbox as your first step.
  •  Power of Attorney - This only gives us authorization to apply for your title and registrations on your behalf - nothing else. You only need to fill this out if you want us to register your vehicle. PLEASE NOTE: The Power of Attorney MUST be notarized! It must be free of any erasures or cross-outs. If it is not correct, you must do it over, causing unnecessary delays and cost.
  • Vehicle Registration Checklist - Download these pages to learn what information Americas Mailbox needs from you to fill out all the paperwork to register your vehicles for you.

Other forms you may need to fill out to allow us to complete your vehicle registration:

  •  Verification of Tax Paid to Another State - Ask our vehicle registration department if this form will be necessary for you. You simply need to fill it in and sign it.
  •  General Affidavit - If we tell you that you need to make a statement of fact regarding your registration, use this form. ONLY the state name can be crossed out and changed if applicable.

It doesn't take very long to open an account with us or to get your license plates once the paperwork is in place. But please, don't wait until the last moment to do this. Have us set up your account first.

If you will be using your new South Dakota address for vehicle registrations and South Dakota driver's licenses, we recommend that as soon as you receive your address from us, you immediately start changing your billing address with credit cards and bank accounts. This will show your intent to the vehicle insurance companies that you are becoming a full-time traveler.

Usually, your account is activated on the very day we receive your paperwork. However, if you'd like (and you include your request in writing when you send us the application with a specific date listed up to 30 days in the future), we'll even process the paperwork you send us, charge your account, but not activate your account until the date that you specify. However, when we receive the first piece of mail or package for you the account, of course, would begin on that date regardless of any prior request. This way, you can start telling whoever sends you mail your new address right away and start getting things set up. So far as we know, Americas Mailbox is the only company in the country willing to do that for you.

Please read this important note if you would like us to register your vehicles.