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Americas Mailbox is now one of the largest independently owned mail forwarding companies and home base services in the country with many thousands of happy members that rely on us to get the job done and make their life a little bit easier.

There are numerous benefits to using Americas Mailbox over other mail forwarding and home base services. You should know that with other companies there are a number of restrictions and hidden costs that could end up costing you a fair amount of money and inconvenience.

We work to help FMCA members, as well as Good Sam, Escapees, and many other RVer groups.

With Americas Mailbox, you get your mail:

  • You can get your mail on the schedule you chose. You can have your mail go out weekly, monthly, annually or every day for the next 25 years.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are a Snowbird only traveling a couple of months a year or a Full Time RV’er. You don’t even have to have an RV! Anybody can use our services including: Truckers, Traveling Nurses, Airline Crews, Merchant Marines, Sales People, CEO’s and individuals working abroad. 
  • Your mail will be shipped anywhere you wish by whatever method you chose.
  • If there is no mail to send you, we'll even send you a postcard, so you never have to wonder if your mail got lost.
  • You will also receive an email to let you know we've shipped your mail.
  • If your mail is sent via USPS/Priority, UPS or FedEx we'll send you a Delivery Confirmation Number.

Another benefit that you get with Americas Mailbox is savings. Let me explain...for example, if you use Ohio as your "home address" and you purchase a vehicle, South Dakota's rate is only 4% of net purchase. In Ohio, the rate can be much higher, up to 7.75% (nearly double) AND the state charges you the rate without considering the value of your trade-in. South Dakota gives you credit for your trade-in. This one benefit alone can save you huge sums of money.

Additional benefits...South Dakota has NO state income tax AND it is ranked as one of the least expensive states in the country for vehicle insurance! To see where your current state ranks, click iii.org(FYI: This changes often but as of last checked, Ohio is ranked as the 39th most expensive, TX is 14th highest and FL is the winner at 3rd highest.) AND for the icing on the cake, if it's a concern to you, South Dakota does not have any state inheritance tax!

Since South Dakota does not have a state income tax, this means you don’t pay a penny on state tax on your Social Security OR Pensions like many other states do. This also means that when you have reached the age set by the IRS where you MUST withdraw 10% of your IRA every year, South Dakota doesn’t charge state income tax on that withdrawal. 

In addition, the State of South Dakota has authorized Americas Mailbox to perform online Notary Services. What this means is that instead of looking and perhaps driving long distances to find a Notary service, you can simply set up an appointment with our staff and we can take care of any necessary Power of Attorney or other documents that you need.

Just the benefits listed above makes joining Americas Mailbox a no-brainer!

I'm sure you can see that many of these benefits can easily save you thousands of dollars. But the benefits don’t stop there. Our members can now also purchase pretty much any part they will ever need for their RV right from our website, saving time and money.

Americas Mailbox is the only company in the country that is owned by full-time travelers and was designed and built around RVer's needs.

We can open your account for you over the phone and we'll contact you promptly, letting you know your new address. If you are purchasing a new vehicle and you need an address that very day, please give us a call and we'll open your account and assign you your address the same day. (Please note, Per US Postal regulations, we can't accept mail on your behalf until we have the signed paperwork from you that you can send to us electronically.)

Finally, our office is located in the beautiful Black Hills (Rapid City). We are right off Exit 61 on I-90 in South Dakota with plenty of restaurants, the Flying J Truck Plaza and ample parking on our property with room for big rigs with trailers. We're right down the road from Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, Custer State Park, Crazy Horse, Deadwood, Sturgis, Wall Drug and other wonderful places to visit.

We have our own full hook up RV Park with nearly 100 sites (as well as electric only or boondock) and beautiful guest rooms for your use should you fly into Rapid City or drive up without your RV.

In conclusion folks...it doesn't matter if you're using “that company in Texas” or “that other company in Florida” or even another company in South Dakota. I can assure you that by using one of the plans that we offer here at Americas Mailbox, we can save you time and money.

And we can personally guarantee that you won't get better service with any other company than Americas Mailbox!

Are you ready yet to start saving some money and getting your mail anytime, anywhere and however you want? After all...it doesn't cost anything to learn about us...but it will almost certainly cost if you don't.

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