FINALLY! A single place to get all the RV and Park Model parts you need shipped quickly and directly to you at reasonable prices.

We have recently signed an agreement with one of the largest RV parts distributors in the country. They have multiple large distribution centers in the United States and Canada. What does this mean to you? This means most orders are quickly filled from the local warehouse nearest to you wherever you are in the country. And on orders that warehouse can’t fill, most can be quickly filled from the other locations. So when you place your order, you’ve got a pretty good chance you’ll get what you need within a short time.

This company has distribution centers throughout the country and they carry over 100,000 parts and appliances, from Atwood to Zamp. Now anyone (yes, members of Americas Mailbox and non-members alike) can go to this website:

and register to browse their extensive catalog. If you don’t have internet access at home, simply go to a library or use a computer of your kids or friends.

If you're a member with Americas Mailbox, you can have items either shipped directly to you wherever you’re at or to your PMB address here at Americas Mailbox for safekeeping until you’re ready for us to ship it to you at a more convenient time.

Looking at the prices, in many cases, I see the prices are reasonable, not to mention, you don’t have to waste time researching all over the place. But the real advantage is that you can now order whatever parts you need (say an awning, water heater or air conditioner), have it shipped directly to the shop doing the installation and not pay the outrageous markup that some of the shops charge!

While you can go in and browse, if you want to order something, you'll need to fill in your name, address, etc.. From then on, all you have to do is just log in.

Give it a try! Browse the catalog! It doesn’t cost anything to look around and you have nothing to lose! Stop wasting your time making phone calls or driving around hour after hour looking for the exact part you need and...start saving some TIME and MONEY!! 

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have any staff members to advise you regarding purchases from this site. You would simply research online or call the manufacturer of the product you are looking for.